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3D Asset Rigging & Animation (VR/Mobile)

Looking for someone to rig, animate, and/or implement your 3D assets for an interactive project? You've come to the right place! We can provide one of the following sub-services, or a combination thereof. Please let us know what you're interested in. We have experience with this part of the art pipeline, both for our own original work and for client projects. We will happily accommodate naming conventions, organizational requests, and various output formats as needed for a particular project.

----- Rigging -----
We provide custom rigs for a variety of 3D asset types, especially for VR, AR, and mobile uses - ranging from mechanical objects, to creatures and plants. We have experience creating unusual rigs that are non-biped, can utilize non-uniform scaling, game-engine root-motion, and lower bone-counts for high performance in games (especially mobile/VR).

----- Animation -----
We also provide animation services. We can animate non-biped or unusual rigs (see above), so if your game has unique creatures, plants, beings, props, etc that need to move, we can handle it for you! We excel at stylized animations, with a focus on player readability in-game.

----- Implementation -----
Additionally, we can *implement* those models and animations within your game engine! Let us know if you would like us to consult on, or build, your blendspaces or statemachines (systems that handle transitioning between an asset's various animations based on gameplay or other logic). We are happy to walk you or someone on your team through the process as consultation as well, and are open to providing project-specific documentation of our advice on those systems if requested.

----- Organization & Conventions -----
We know how important organization and consistency are to keeping a project maintainable and efficient. We are more than happy to accommodate your project's existing export formats (obj vs fbx), naming conventions, documentation, or project structure. We can also provide consultation on how to set up those naming conventions, maintain documentation, or establish in-engine project organization - just ask!

----- Other Related Services -----
If you'd like us to build a custom 3D model for you as well, let us know! We provide hard-surface and organic low-/mid-poly modeling and PBR texturing services.

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