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Astrology Annual Luck Reading

The Data You Need To Give Before Bazi Consultation:

Gender : (male/female)
Name : (first and last name)
Birth city : (...)
Birth of date : (give us the date only in gregorian calendar, not lunar calendar or other kind of calendar. Using format like this : 5 june 1976, not 5/6/1976)
Time of birth : (if you forget the exact birth hour that is okay because the calculation differs per 2 hours starting 1-3 am, 3-5 am, 5-7 am, 7-9 am, 9-11 am, 11-13 pm, 13-15 pm, (...))
Relationship status : (divorce/married/in a relationship/single)
Topic selection : (divide in 3 topics : topic A/B/C clients can select several topics or just 1 topic you want to focusing)
For example : Mr. Adam Johnson, Pennsylvania, 5 June 1976 around 19.00pm-21.00pm, divorced, choosing topic A and B.

Topic A : all about relationship, marriage, pregnancy, divorced
Topic B : all about wealth, money, career, biz, education
Topic C : all about health issues

*Each service only 1 topic selection, if you intend to add another topic, you can reorder this service again.
*Each service is 1 topic, within 1 topic clients can asked 5 questions, i will answer it in length
*All reading not using software, i manually analyze your natal chart
*The service has money back guarantee system, you can look below for further explanation.

Master Zheng is the founder of ramalbazi, Chinese Astrology Bazi Master. At the age of 15 he began self-studying from books and all written references he could find on CM (Chinese Metaphysics). My consultation method is : Verify past or current event to confirm the event pattern before giving any advice on future event. First, this way proved the competency/skill of a master. Secondly, act as prevention stage to minimize percentage of error in destiny reading. With mainstream method, the master can minimize error and more precise in quality. With long experience helping thousand of clients, ramalbazi deliver high quality consultation with money back guarantee system :

Master zheng starts with predicting your past and current condition, this called x-ray stage. If only the accuracy reach 70% and above we advance into consultation session (Q&A). Master zheng believes in affinity and good karma, if the condition fulfilled this mean ramalbazi has good affinity/ability to help/assisting you. If below 70% we directly return your money.

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