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Drawing for comics is another service I like to offer. Drawing for comics typically includes a few aspects. I usually start off by drawing out storyboards for panels then I begin the drawing process for the sequential pages. Then after I draw I would ink and then color the pages if need be. Just pencil work is 20$ per page, inked work is 30$ per page, and colored work is 50$ per page. However I am still available for just just pencil work if need be. Adding the lettering for comic pages is 10$ per page. My hourly rate that I have listed is stating my pencil work price, but additional work might be needed to finish pages, but my rate for 20$ an hour is more like 20$ for pencil work per page even though it might take more than an hour to complete a page. I will add more samples of my work as soon as possible to show, pencil work, and inked work, along with more colored and lettered work to show more of my sequential pages.

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