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Phoenix, Arizona, United States

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Mike O'Neill

Comics For You, Fun For Me

My name is Mike and I have just graduated with a degree in Sequential Arts. Sequential Arts is the art for creating comics. I knew that I always wanted to do something with art but comics was honestly not my first choice. I always had a passion for music and playing drums, but one thing led to another and I found my self getting more interested in photography. I still play drums and still take pictures, but moving to a small town after living in a big one did something to me that made me want to draw more. I was honestly pretty lonely and bored and didn't have much to do but read comics and manga books and drink coffee at the local Barnes and Nobel. Then one day I just started drawing and wanting to write my own story. I am still creating my story and turning it into a comic hopefully one day for everyone to enjoy.

I moved to Phoenix Arizona where I found a Sequential Art program and started learning the rules and tricks of the trade. I learned from some great artists, including Tony Parker who still works in the comic book industry today. I still love drawing and creating characters and places, but my I found my self really enjoying inking, coloring, and script writing for stories. I have the knowledge to how to make and create great quality comics and I just want to be able to share my gifts to others that would benefit from them.

Work Terms

Payment methods: Either direct deposit from bank to bank or pay pal. If anyone needs any other method please let me know but these are my preferred options.

Hours Of Operation: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm I am available to work, but I might be available either a little earlier or a little later upon certain requests.

I am for the most part free over the weekend as of now and I am available to work both earlier in the morning and later at night if needed. I am able to get up earlier or stay up later depending on if a client needs me to for whatever reason.

I always plan to work as fast and sufficiently as possible. I love my job being a comic book artist and I hope to be able to receive a lot of happy clients as well as making new friends.

I am available to work everyday if needed