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I have a massive amount of experience writing and editing through both newspaper reporting and radio news. I have an uncanny ability to put the ideas and thoughts of others into words when they can't. Through reporting and interviewing, I have developed the ability to encapsulate massive amounts of information and put forth a clear and concise report, be it in the form of article, essay, or personal narrative. I can also do the opposite with a small amount of information to work with. My print and radio news experience has taught me how to weave words in a memorable and lively way. I regularly had to create an oral flow to my radio news articles, while simultaneously relaying important information. This ability and training also allows for me to take the mundane and make it sound and feel exciting and stimulating. I also have a talent for creative writing. I am willing and able to ghost write the words trapped in your head, bringing your vision to life. I can also take your message to

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