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Data Science, Machine and Deep Learning

Hi, I know ML and Deep Neural Networks. Have experience in production with implementation of ANN and ML models.

I fullfilled projects in glyoblastoma, diabetes and cancer prediction.

I was involved in financial engineering projects, particularly in stock market prediction, comparative analysis of start ups, real estate and cryptocurrency projects.

I also had projects related to NLP. I know how to create NER models and chatbots with Rasa along with libraries and packages like Regex, SpaCy, Textract, Umap, etc.

I am comfortable with Keras, Tensorflow, Pytorch and used to work on Colab, Jupyter Notebook.

Familiar with Google Cloud AutoML Natural Language.

I am familiar with HTML/CSS, JS, JAVA, PHP, Jquerry, Angular, React, SQL.

I hold PhD in applied maths and postdoc with focus on Machine Learning Algorithms. Currently, I work for the University of Central Florida, Orlando, US as a research scholar in Quantum Machine Learning

Since I am an applied mathematician, mathematical side of neural networks and ML algos is not a problem for me. I have more than 10 publications in highly ranked journals which appear in master databases like webofknowledge and scopus. I specialize in Python and its libraries for data preprocessing and modeling.

Skills & Expertise

Data AnalysisDeep LearningFinancial AnalysisImage ProcessingKerasNatural Language ProcessingPythonTensorFlowWeb Scraping

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