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Data Scientist

• I have +1 year Experience in the Field of Data Science , Machine Learning , Deep Learning , Computer Vision , NLP , Data Analysis and Data Visualization.
• I have taken both academic and practical courses in these fields , So you can expect a solid Mathematical foundations, Software Engineering background and hands-on experience.
• I can perform any Data Science Task , No matter how complicated it is , I just need more time for more complex ones.
• I eager to learn new technologies , have new challenges and get the perfect solutions.
• I am looking forward to have a good work relationships with clients, So I do my best to provide them with the best solutions for the tasks , all adjustments they need and free technical support all the time.
• Technologies:
? Data Cleaning
? Exploratory Data Analysis
? Feature Engineering
? Principle Component Analysis
? Machine Learning
? Linear and Non-Linear Regression Analysis
? Support Vector Machine
? Decision Tress
? Random Forests
? Gradient Boosting Machines
? Deep Neural Networks
? Convolution Neural Networks (CNN)
? Recurrent Neural Networks (LSTM,GRU)
? Word Embeddings (Word2Vec, Glove)
• Tools:
? Python
? Scikit-learn
? Pandas
? Numpy
? Seaborn
? Matplotlib
? Plotly
? Tableau
? Keras
? Tensorflow
? Pytorch
? C/C++
? Matlab
? SQL (Postgresql , MySql)

Skills & Expertise

AnalyticsComputer EngineerComputer VisionData AnalysisData ManagementData ScienceData VisualizationDeep LearningeLearning ConsultingMachine LearningNatural Language ProcessingNlpNLTKScienceTableau

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