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Get more out of the raw data with our solution on Data Analysis, Visualization and Real time Business Intelligence. These are most represented by interactive and real time dashboard widgets both in form of charts and tabular data & reports.

We build both custom dashboards and reports as well as we integrate with popular BI tools that are in the market including:

Microsoft Power BI
Yellowfin BI
Clear Analytics
Pentaho BI.
and many more...

Here is why we are good with our Data Analysis, Visualization and recommending the right use of the BI tools:

-- Our design is sleek and the information does not clutter over eachother
-- The design keeps in mind various platforms and devices including PC and Mobile
-- Light weight, auto-update of data as per scheduled manner
-- Big Data Analysis
-- Integration with right tool that suits your business needs.

Your data can be anywhere - in your own system - desktop or cloud, in a third party software or a SaaS based solution, we can provide an easy connector between your system and that of ours and/or third party BI tool to get the desired tool.

We cannot include a big portfolio here due to data security and NDA, however, you can request us with your specific requirement and our "Free no Obligation" analysis and solution overview will prove without a doubt about our capability of getting the desired results & more...

Looking forward to your invites/project.

Skills & Expertise

AnalyticsData ManagementData ModelingData VisualizationModelingOlapPower BIQliktech QlikviewReport WritingRequirements AnalysisVisualisation

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