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DevOps, Linux/Unix and Security

At MITYUNG, we have highly skilled and experienced DevOps, Linux/Unix and Security developers who are capable of developing advanced, scalable and innovative DevOps, Linux/Unix and Security based applications.

## Technologies

* Terraform, Amazon CloudFormation
* Google Cloud Platform (CGP)
* Amazon Web Services (AWS)
* Kubernetes
* Serverless
* Rancher
* Docker

## Processes and Practices

* infrastructure as code (IaC)
* software containers
* cloud services
* load balancing
* orchestration
* A/B testing
* pipelines
* QA

Tech Stacks:

- DevOps, GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, JIRA, Trello, CircleCI, Jenkins, Docker
- Trading on Stock, Forex, Future, Crypto Currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.
- Python, Django, Flask, Scrapy, BeautifulSoup, Pandas, Regular Expression
- Django REST Framework, Flask RESTful
- Celery, Redis, RESTful, JSON, Multi-Threading, OAuth
- Making HTTP request including AJAX, Rotating proxy and user agent etc.
- Selenium, PhantomJS, Zapier, ScrapingHub
- Ruby on Rails, Wordpress, NetSuite, C/C++
- Javascript, AngularJS, NodeJS, ReactJS, VueJS, jQuery, D3JS
- MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch
- Amazon AWS including EC2, Cognito, Kinesis, ElastiCache etc.
- Google App Engine, Google Cloud Datastore and Firebase
- FileZilla, Putty, DigitalOcean, Linode
- Captcha, Proxy
- Nginx, Apache
- Windows, Ubuntu, Linux

Skills & Expertise

Amazon AWSApp DevelopmentCloud ComputingDesign ProcessDevOpsDjangoDockerEthereumFlaskGoogleHTTPJenkinsJiraLikesLinux ProgrammingREST APIRuby On RailsSecurity ConsultingSoftware DevelopmentTrelloUnixWeb DevelopmentWordPress

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