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Editing & Proofreading

Clean copy makes the best possible impression on those you're trying hard to impress, so it's not a place to cut corners. Others might offer editing services at lower prices, but I back my work up with 25 years in newspaper editing, proficiency in AP style, experience editing full novel and non-fiction manuscripts and many happy clients.

Manuscript editing ranges from full-scale developmental editing to detailed line and copy editing. Projects are price out based on your document's word count and the level of editing you require. Please refer to the below list to determine what you're looking for:

Developmental editing
Developmental editors help you develop your project from an initial concept or draft, and can consult with you before the writing even begins. Developmental editors can help plan the organization and features of your project. They may make suggestions about content and presentation, write or rewrite text, do research, and suggest additional topics for you to consider.

Substantive Editing
Substantive editors work with you once you have a full text. They will help you get it into its final form, which may involve reordering or rewriting segments of it to improve readability, clarity, or accuracy. If you're a fiction writer, a substantive editor can alert you to inconsistent character behavior or speech, help you adjust your language to your desired audience, and make sure your story has believable dialogue and a plausible plotline.

Copyeditors work with your text when it is in final or nearly final form. They read each sentence carefully, seeking to fix all errors of spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and word usage while preserving your meaning and voice. With your permission, they may rewrite tangled sentences or suggest alternative wordings. They can ensure that your text conforms to a certain style; if your project includes elements such as captions, tables, or footn

$70 / Hour
$210 minimum budget

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