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eLearning Management System (LMS)

Advanced in developing custom eLearning technologies!
Keep your student’s/employee’s attention, drive your results, and grow your brand!

Our eLearning Management Software encompasses many services and capabilities:
*****SCORM Compliant
*****Mobile Learning
*****Social Learning
*****Video Conferencing
*****Task Management
*****Enterprise Resource Management
*****New Employee Onboarding
*****Product Education
*****Corporate eLearning

Optimize employee engagement through a targeted plan for success.

Traditional eLearning Management Systems suffer from one major flaw - they become too cumbersome over time to function effectively. When your students are scrolling endlessly through pages of information, or presented with simply too many paths to continue, the LMS loses effectiveness, and engagement. Why use a pre-built system, when you can create a simple, engaging experience custom built for your subject matter.

WorkXpress supplies all of the "other things" such as servers, data backups, system administration, disaster recovery, security, compliance and more to set you up in the cloud instantly, worry-free.

Skills & Expertise

Cloud ApplicationsCSSDatabase ProgrammingDesignDeveloperE-LearningERPManagementMobileMobile ApplicationsMySQLPHPProgrammingSaaSSoftware DesignSoftware DevelopmentSystems EngineeringWeb DesignWeb DevelopmentWebsite Design

1 Reviews for This Service

  • Candace 2 says,

    As someone with a limited technical background, it was refreshing to work with a team that took the time to understand my needs and guide me through the process. This was my second effort, and I'm glad I found this team. Great job on being thorough and a pleasure to work with! It was also great to also be able to collaborate in person, as the office was within driving distance.

    for Aquarium maintenance log on Mar 12, 2015