Kochi, Kerala, India

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Embedded programmer and developer

Some techy stuff which I am well into :
Write code. Assembly suits me well
Open Hardware Developer
Techy evening talks
Innovator in Light Speed
Public Speaker

I'm a embedded system engineer and I 5+ years experiance.
I specialised in wireless communication and embedded system engineering.

Hardware : PCB design, Product design for manufacturing.
Software : Embedded Firmware programming and iOS/Android/Windows/Linux application or mobile application programming.

- My most perfect skill
*Schematic, PCB Design using Altium, Eagle, Diptrace, BGA, High frequency board design(RF, LVDS,...), etc
*Product Design using SolidWorks, AutoCAD
*Firmware programming (8, 16, 32 bit micro-controllers and FPGA)
~PIC(pic16f, 18f, 24, 32), dsPIC(30f, 33f), Atmega(8, 16, 32, 128...), DSP(texas instrument), ADSP, ARM(cortex A, M serious), FPGA(altera, xilinx, actel, lattice).
*iOS, Android, Windows, Linux application programming
~C, C++, C#, Python, Java, Objective-c, Swift language
~embedded linux(ubuntu, debian...), android
~ios, android app development to integration of real device like GSM(2G/3G - sim800, sim900, sim5216, mu608/609,...), UMTS, LTE, XBee, RFID(SM130, RDM6300, RC522...), WIFI(ESP8266, RS9110,...), Bluetooth(Nordic nRF51/52, CC2540, Dialog), GPS(ublox), LORA(SX1272), etc
~LabVIEW, Matlab, Arduino, Raspberry pi, Processing
~various signal processing algorithms like iir, fir, fft, lms, rls, cma, kalman, wavelet, hilbert, etc.
~strong simulation/emulation with MATLAB or LabView
~flexible board application like Arduino, Raspberry, i.MX6, MediaTek, Snapdragon, bladeRF, HackRF, etc
~Red Hat, RHCE, RHSE, AWS, Oracle, CCNA, MCSE
- Experienced part
various military(radio signal analyser, radar/sonar, gps/ins navigation, etc), medical(heart rate, ct/mri video signal processing device, oximeter, skin temp/stress measurement, etc), industrial(pid/robust control, temp/pressure/humy ,etc)...
I will assist you as can as possible based on my professionalism experience and knowledge.
I will provide highest service to you.

$20 / Hour
$30 minimum budget