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Embedded software is a computer software, written to control machines or devices that are commonly known as embedded systems. An embedded system is a computer system that is made from a combination of hardware and software that is used to perform a specific task. It may or may not be programmable, depending on the application. It has specifications for the particular hardware that it runs on and has time and memory constraints. This term is sometimes used interchangeably with firmware.

Some examples of embedded systems include printers, automobiles, cameras, washing machines, industrial machines and more. Complex embedded software can also be found in aircraft avionics systems, in very complex fly-by-wire systems used in fighter planes, and even in missile guidance systems. You can hire freelance embedded software developer from some of the top freelance websites for making your electronics systems run on-demand and smoothly.

What Does an Embedded Developer Do?

Embedded software developers are responsible for designing, developing, optimizing and implementing the software that is programmed into devices built around a microprocessor. These engineers design and write the code that runs on a device and are focused on how the code they write interacts with the underlying hardware. They work towards controlling and managing the system (or hardware). It is developed to exploit the full potential of the hardware and manage it for the benefit of the user.

The professionals use the PC to build their software which eventually runs on another platform (a Printed Circuit Board with a Micro controller). Embedded developers use Oscilloscopes, Logic Analyzers, and multimeter while debugging the software. 

You can get embedded developers for hire as freelancers online on Guru.com, one of the best sites to find freelance work. Before you hire embedded development services from experts, do ensure that they:

  • Have project management skills

  • Should have expertise in C/C++ programming

  • Can read electronics schematics and troubleshoot problems

  • Should collaborate with fellow developers or engineers from other disciplines

  • Are updated on emerging trends and technological developments

  • Can do software configuration management (using tools such as Perforce, Git or SVN)

Qualification of Embedded Developer

  • A degree in the field of Computer Engineering or a related field

  • Previous experience in low-level optimization in assembly language

  • Hands-on experience in project management and software development life cycle

Benefits of Hiring Freelance Embedded Software Developer

  • They will develop an embedded system for your business which can run on the older or less sophisticated operating system and won't need updating

  • The hardware demands for embedded systems developed by these professionals are usually much lower than those for full PCs which makes it very economical

  • The embedded systems are generally small in size which eases the portability. E.g. calculator, digital watch, etc. are embedded systems that run on battery and can be carried in a pocket

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