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Embedded Software Development

I have 12 years of experience in Embedded Systems development with the last 4 years spent in Cyber Security area.

Embedded expertise:
• Embedded systems development (x86, ARM, SH-4, MIPS)
• Kernel mode programming and device drivers development
• Firmware and Bootloader development
• Real-time systems development
• Hardware design of new devices using development boards
• Prototype boards bring-up and debugging
• Porting of distributions, applications and drivers to new platforms and architectures
• Good understanding of operating systems design and implementation (GNU/Linux, FreeRTOS, QNX)

Cyber Security expertise:
• Network Cyber Security
• Deep Packet Inspection
• Penetration testing and mitigation of vulnerabilities
• Network protocols
• DNS security

General UNIX expertise:
• Linux Kernel and Kernel modules development
• Multi-threaded programming
• Networking and high-speed packet processing
• Linux/BSD system administration and network security
• Scripting
• Virtualization

Skills & Expertise

ArmCDesignDevice DriversEmbedded DevelopmentEmbedded LinuxEmbedded Software ProgrammingEmbedded SystemsFirmware DevelopmentInternet of Things (IoT)LinuxLinux KernelLinux ProgrammingMicrocontrollerNetworkingProgrammingPrototypeRtosSoftware DevelopmentSystems EngineeringTcp/ipUnixUnix ShellVirtualization

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