Nir Schain

Tel-Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel

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Experienced Electronics Design Engineer

Electronics engineer with over 20 years of experience in electronics design.

* Fields of expertise *

- Analog design -
Discrete components design (BJTs, MOSFETs, Tubes)
Audio (Amplifiers, Filters, Sound effects, Synthesizers)
Sensors (Sound, Light, Magnetic, Touch, Temperature)
Medical (ECG/IECG recording, Neural stimulation, Defibrillation)
Wireless Power and Data Transfer
Signal and power switching (Relays, Solid state relays, Analog switches)

- Embedded systems -
Microcontrollers (MSP430, 8051)
Firmware programming (C, BASIC,Assembly)

- Power design -
Power supplies and converters (Linear, Switched - Buck/Boost/Flyback, current sources)

- Digital signal processing -
Converters, Filters - IIR/FIR, FFT
MATLAB implementation

- Electronics schematic -
Cadence ORCAD

- Electronics simulation -
LTSpice, Microcap, TINA

- Standards and regulation -
EMC, safety, Radio - FCC/R&TTE, medical - pacemakers/defibrillators/stimulators

- Prototyping -
PCB design
PCB manufacture (3rd party)
Component assembly (in-house if possible, otherwise 3rd party)

$35 / Hour
$100 minimum budget