John Regan

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States

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Extract, Transform, Load/Ingest data

Do you have some data in some format not supported by your database or data warehouse system? Or maybe it is, but before loading it you need some transformations applied to it?

This is something I'm very good at and would love to help you with. Some examples of things I've done before:

* Use Twitter's streaming api to save tweets to a database in real-time
* Convert live sports scoring feeds back and forth between incompatible systems
* Mash-up data from multiple heterogeneous systems
* Update Excel files with data from an HTTP feed/webpage

Long story short, I'm very good at coming up with ways to organize, sort, store, update, and publish data. Whether you're just tired of doing some repetitive task each week and would rather make a computer do it, or you've got a data provider giving you data you need converted to your own system, this is something I'd love to help you out with.

$20 / Hour
$40 minimum budget