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Ten summers ago a boy learned to create his first web page. It was horrible; yet to that boy it was just the beginning of a dream. That boy was just 13 but the passion and the drive he had would take him anywhere he wanted to go. On my 16th birthday I opened my first web design company! In that same year I hired 19 employees. In addition to the growth of my company I was hired by a very large widely known media company to be their head web developer.At the age of 18 I was contacted to sell my company; I took a break. That didn't last long with my strength in management and leadership I was sought after by the worlds 5th largest car dealership chain. During the 3 years I dedicated to them I read every book, article, note, and snippet of code I could find. Most of all I learned the inter workings of Search Engine Optimization. Knowing where my passion is I have returned to where I belong. With a keen eye for design, an artistic mind, experience, programming strengths, and m

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