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During my accounting career, I especially enjoyed writing business letters, interviewing clients, and training junior staff members. I rarely encountered problems in discussing complex matters.After retiring in May of 2003, I devoted my time to more creative endeavors. I wrote the following: contents for several of my personal and public websites, fiction stories, non-fiction articles, and running commentaries to various blogs.I use my subconscious mind to help me develop new concepts and solve difficult problems. Whenever I run into a snag, I just sleep on the problem. Then in a day or so, I get the answer from my subconscious mind. (This method never fails.)I am a quick learner. Thus, I am able to solve problems when encountering something new or difficult. Several years ago, my CPA employer hired two professionals to write a time and charges program in COBOL and RPG. The company computer operator and I (we are amateur programmers) had to finish the debugging process. We supplemented

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  • sexywriter says,

    i think the work you do is superb i have recomened you to my family co-workers and friends i will send you so much business you will have to retire from writing to complete all the work i am sending your way, your a pleasure to work with thanks for all you do

    for father of lies on Feb 01, 2011