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Highly experienced IT Consultant

Over 19 years of virtualization, information security, Linux, and Internet-based work. I have worked and consulted for companies ranging from small to enterprise, with great success.

My projects include recent Data Center migrations for large enterprises, Data Center build-outs, system automation, and platform engineering. Within each of these projects I have been an integral part as either a Linux engineer, Automation Engineer, Security Engineer, or Virtualization Engineer. In some cases multiple responsibilities were required, which I was easily able to fill.

My work as an automation engineer has encompassed technologies like, UCS Director, HP Automation, Puppet, Jenkins, and other continuous integration tools. By using a DevOps mentality and practice I have worked with numerous teams to move to more robust automated deployment processes. By working with configuration management tools I have helped deliver more secure, more consistent, and less error prone environments.

As a Data Center consultant I have helped clients migrate large environments across town and across the country. By using custom utilities and enterprise-class technologies I have been able to move my customers systems with very limited downtime and error.

I started using VMware software when it was Workstation 3.x and have continued to use it through all iterations of GSX/ESX/ESXi. Combining my experience with the desktop version and server version I am also well versed in Virtual Desktop environments.

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ConsultantContinuous IntegrationData Center ArchitectureData ResearchDevOpsDirectorEngineeringHome AutomationJenkinsLinuxManagementPuppetResearchSecuritySoftware DesignSystem AutomationVirtualizationVMwareWeb Research

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