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Hire DevOps Engineers for Your Projects

The name DevOps has been derived from the function that effectively merges software development and IT operations. Commonly used by the development and operations teams to not only build, test, and deploy, it is also used to monitor applications. As today’s software development is more about open source technology, DevOps engineering services have become an important approach to the seamless delivery of quality software. This approach calls for frequent and incremental changes to the code which in turn requires more deployment of testing schedules.  

Freelance DevOps engineers for hire can help your organization to release small features quickly and make timely changes to the code based on the feedback received. This is essential as DevOps has now become vital for any business that aspires to be lean and agile to respond to the rapidly evolving market demands. For better competitiveness and performance, you can engage the services of a freelance DevOps engineer from a top freelancing engineer site like Guru.

What Does a DevOps Engineer Do?

A DevOps engineer has a wholesome understanding of the Software Development Lifecycle. An engineer will primarily work with the developers and the IT staff and oversee code releases. Skilled in the usage of automation tools, an engineer will take care of the scripting required to connect the elements of the code viz., software development kits, data management, and communication tools. A DevOps engineer works in collaboration with various teams and experts such as Web Developers and Systems Engineers to deploy new products and manage infrastructure. Further, DevOps engineers are required to work closely with stakeholders like a freelance IT project manager to help establish DevOps practices in the company.

A DevOps engineer assists web developers in architecture and software development operations. In case you require a dedicated resource to work on a web development project, you can hire freelance web developer. You can also hire engineers to develop turnkey projects and IT operations for customers. Working with web developers, DevOps engineers, and IT project managers can help you build an efficient cloud infrastructure. You can hire DevOps engineer on Guru one of the best online freelance sites. Before you do so please ensure that the engineer has:

  • Excellent development and scripting capabilities.

  • Strong skills and interest in agile development.

  • Excellent understanding of SQL, NoSQL, and virtualization solutions.

  • Can communicate clearly and concisely with the team.

  • Has analytical, problem solving, decision making, and collaboration skills.

Qualifications to Check for Before You Hire a Freelance DevOps Engineer

  • Possess qualifications in Computer Science, Information Technology, and related fields.

  • Knows different programming languages like Python and Perl.

  • Has a thorough knowledge of system admin roles and IT operations.

  • Possesses expertise in software coding, testing, and deployment.

Benefits of Hiring Freelance DevOps Engineering Services

  • DevOps engineers will help you set up CI/CD pipelines and automate code using tools such as puppet, Ansible, etc.

  • DevOps engineers will streamline the code deployment by working closely with the development team.

  • With their expertise, DevOps engineers will conduct automated system tests to detect vulnerabilities and remove potential threats.

  • DevOps engineers will ensure timely migration of services as well as perform regular optimization.

  • DevOps engineers would take responsibility for code quality, set up and monitor the stability of servers, perform code updates, etc.

How to Write a Job Description When Hiring DevOps Engineers

Since the role of DevOps engineering services is critical to your development project’s success, you have to find the right engineers for your development project. This involves creating a detailed and accurate job description that outlines all the skills and the level of development experience you’re looking for. Creating a good job description with the skills and requirements you are looking for will attract the best DevOps engineers, and enable you to hire the right candidate for the development project.

For instance, if you expect your DevOps engineers to plan and support primary KPIs as part of your overall customer experience and your company’s productivity, then you need to include those services in your job description. This helps DevOps engineers get a clear picture of what will be expected of them if they’re hired for the development project.

Your engineer job description should describe the main roles and responsibilities of your engineers and any other specifics related to this development position. Although every company has specific needs and expectations when hiring engineers, there are several universal roles and responsibilities of an engineer that must be featured in every good job description.

For instance, the main role of your engineer will be to integrate all project functions with other important resources throughout the project lifecycle. This integration happens right from the conceptualization stages of the project to deployment and support.

Therefore, your development services should be conversant with all the necessary technical and IT aspects of the integration process. DevOps developers must be familiar with all critical automation tools to enable them to automate and test the app or other products at different stages of development.

It would be great to outline all the automation tools and processes you use in your company so that only DevOps engineers with knowledge of such tools and processes can apply for the development job. This helps to reduce the number of unqualified DevOps engineer applicants, allowing you to finish the shortlisting process quickly and hire the right engineer for the project. The clearer and more specific you get, the better engineers you will get applying for the job.

How Do You Know What DevOps Engineer to Hire?     

As a business owner looking to hire DevOps engineering services, your main desire is to find the perfect fit for your software development project. Although there are so many developers flaunting themselves as professional DevOps engineers, not all of them will give you the quality of development services you desire.

Training and Experience

So, you must check their skills, level of training, and experience before you hire an engineer. For instance, you have to ensure that they have a deep understanding of essential software development tools and processes deployed in DevOps engineering. Remember that the success of your engineer depends on the effective deployment of these tools at different stages of the project lifecycle. You want an engineer with advanced skills that can create the best software or hardware possible for your business.

Skills With Deployment Automation

Secondly, the DevOps engineers you hire should be highly skilled in integration and deployment automation. A good engineer should be highly proficient in automation because it’s the heart of every successful DevOps engineering process and will make the entire project go smoother. Your engineers should be able to automate the whole DevOps channel. A DevOps process includes critical stages such as CI/CD cycles, framework and configurations, and app performance among others. So, your engineers should have the right automation skills and knowledge about coding and scripting to create high-quality solutions for your company.

Cloud Testing Expertise

Furthermore, you should hire DevOps engineers with good cloud and testing skills. The cloud allows the entire DevOps process by creating a reliable platform for deployment automation, releasing code, and performing app development tests. You can deploy the final product before you test it thoroughly for snugs. So, your engineers must have the right testing skills to effectively troubleshoot in the cloud.  

Final Thoughts to Consider When You Hire DevOps Engineers

Hiring DevOps engineers can be an overwhelming process. But with these tips on writing a good job description and knowing the skills your engineer should have, you can feel more confident in the hiring process and find the right engineer for your company. You can also find highly skilled and qualified freelance DevOps developers on Guru. You can find countless DevOps engineers you are ready to help with your development project. Simply post a DevOps job or browse the collection of engineers to find the right fit for your company project. 

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