Moga, Punjab, India

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Image Processing/Computer Vision

- I have strong experience with object detection. I have used OpenCv, CNN and tensorflow for identifying objects in live video stream..moreover, i have detect vechicles number plate in a cctv video footage using openCv.

- Moreover, i have good hands on face recognition and facial expression recognition. Recently, i have already build a model for biometric face detection for employee attendance..

- I have build the model using various libraries like opencv, face_recognition ,pandas etc and trained our data using knn classification. I have used a pre trained KNN model which helped in the face recognition

- I also have experience with Image processing n classification (SimpleCv, keras, OCR, scikit-learn,, numpy, scipy, scikit-image, matplotlib, opencv). I have goods hands on image annotaion tools such as LabelIMG, Labelbox, LabelMe?, VGG Image Annotator,

Moreover, i have good hands on tensorflow, yolo api, image recoginition, pattern detection, Fish Recognition, Face Recognition, Facial Expression Recognition, Gesture Recognition, Car Number Plate Extraction, object detection, Pig Recognition to detect insurance fraud, and much more.

- Besides, i have worked with many OCR projects :

-* PDF Text Extraction using OCR : I had the pdf files and have extracted the text using OCR.

-> Moreover I have workes on various types of OCR project such as :

--* Moving Vehicle Number Plate Recognition System ( OCR )

--* Arabic Text Recognition System : I was given a data-set in which there were city names written in Arabic language and I have extracted the text from the image.

--* Number Plate System : I have extracted the vehicle numbers from the rolling wheels by capturing the image with the help of OCR.

--* Defective Metal detection : I have created a system which analyzes whether a metal is defected or not.

--* I have also worked with MNIST data using OCR.

--* Restaurant Menu Text Extraction - i have used OCR to extract the text from Menu.

--* Graph Image Number Extraction - i had dataset of graphs images where different data id shown through no's i extracted the those numbers using OCR

$15 / Hour
$250 minimum budget