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Artificial intelligence, or AI as it is commonly referred to, is the science of making machines in a way that they can learn, think, and act like humans. The last two decades have seen not only the emergence of artificial intelligence but also the inclusion of AI solutions in our everyday lives. Everything around us, from our email filters, social media feeds, and even video games, artificial intelligence seems to be omnipresent.

An artificial intelligence engineer is a professional who has the expertise to design and develop the software for controlling the machines and other systems that run or use AI. You can hire AI experts with the capabilities to help you develop automation and models for your business.

What Does an Artificial Intelligence Engineer Do?

An AI engineer develops and tests code for computer applications and programs that use artificial intelligence. Remote AI developers liaise with clients to understand their requirements and suggest the correct artificial intelligence solutions for them. After that, AI engineers develop the code for the automation model.

AI engineers use machine learning and deep learning to develop models. In machine learning, artificial intelligence engineers collect and sort huge amounts of data and use it to develop a model. The AI model is then trained to maximize performance and deployed in an application to make predictions. Over its lifetime, the AI model gets more refined and accurate.

AI engineers work across business industries; the majority of them choose the healthcare industry where they use AI to develop X-ray technologies, the manufacturing industry where they design algorithms for repair and maintenance of machines, or the financial industry where they use algorithms to handle investment portfolios.

There are many experienced artificial intelligence programmers for hire available on Guru. Some of these AI engineers have undertaken a variety of AI projects in different development fields and offer online freelance services. These remote specialists can offer AI solutions to your business in the form of models, software services, and automation.

When looking for AI programmer for hire, make sure your developer can:

  • Write code in the required programming language.

  • Translate the code into machine-readable language.

  • Liaise with engineers, developers, and clients to fully understand the job requirements.

  • Identify and correct AI loopholes, if needed.

Qualifications of AI Developers

It is ideal that your AI solutions and model developer has the following capabilities:

  • Professional education in computer science with a specialization in Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence

  • Skills in programming languages like Java, C++, Python

  • Excellent numerical, statistical, and analytical ability

When selecting an AI programmer for hire, make sure to look at their previous projects and ask for a reference check. It is also important for the AI engineers to maintain discretion and abide by privacy laws when developing AI solutions.

Benefits of Hiring Freelance AI Programmers

Hiring AI developers with strong skills and capabilities can help your business in a variety of ways. Their programs are extremely helpful in the healthcare industry where they can provide technical support to the doctors. AI engineers typically take on freelance projects and work round the clock to finish them. Intelligence developers ensure that the time and budget deadlines are adhered to when creating learning models and your AI program.

Tips for Hiring a Freelance AI Developer

With a trusted freelance job site like Guru, you’re sure to find qualified and experienced freelance AI developers for your business projects. However, you must go about choosing your AI developer carefully, as not every AI developer is qualified to deliver the results you need.

Here are some useful tips on how to find and hire the right freelance AI developer for your project:

Check Their Level of Knowledge in AI and Machine Learning Concepts

The AI and machine learning fields are quite complex and continuously advancing. So, your AI programmers should have a deep understanding of the key aspects of AI and machine learning to be able to handle your AI programming projects effectively.

For instance, AI developers must be proficient in deep learning, computer vision, and natural language processing (NLP). Deep learning is a concept that simulates the human brain, allowing developers to create advanced neural networks that can learn and make estimations.

Computer vision simulates human sight, allowing developers to create programs that recognize and construe visual data like images and videos. Therefore, your AI developers should be able to create computer vision libraries and algorithms.

Proficiency in natural language processing is also vital because it enables machines to learn and comprehend human languages. This skill is necessary for developing programs to do translation, customer support, sentiment analysis, and other communication-related tasks.

Choose Programmers With Proficiency in Major Programming Languages

A good AI programmer must be proficient in the main programming languages, including Python, C/C++, Swift/JavaScript, and Java/Scala. Python is the most effective, high-level programming language for AI projects.

Many developers prefer Python because it’s simple, highly compatible, and has extensive libraries. You can use it on almost any AI framework. C/C++ is ideal for performance-critical projects and other simple AI programming tasks.

If you have a project involving big data or enterprise-grade systems, you need AI developers who are proficient in Java/Scala. For major AI implementations on mobile platforms, you’ll likely need an engineer with profound knowledge of Swift/JavaScript.

Find a Programmer With Problem-Solving Skills

AI programming is quite intricate, requiring serious problem-solving skills. Your AI engineer will encounter complex problems along the way that require them to think critically and come up with the right models immediately.

Your freelance AI developer should also be able to offer you innovative business solutions and tackle complex challenges that might emerge in the middle of the project. For example, your engineer should be able to find patterns, analyze data, and implement the right model algorithms.

Check Their Proficiency in the AI Technology Stack

Choose an AI programmer who understands AI technologies that are relevant to your project’s requirements. These technologies include deep learning frameworks and libraries, traditional ML libraries, algorithms, ML model families, ML, big data technologies, AI governance principles, and more.

AI developers should also be able to apply these AI technologies in different sectors like generative AI, fintech and finance industries, healthcare, sales and marketing, manufacturing, customer support, logistics, management, gaming, etc.

Luckily, Guru has a large pool of talented and experienced freelance AI programmers who can help you develop the programs you need. Check out our selection of available freelance developers today!

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