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Programming & Development

Linux programmer & system administrator

I provide linux system administrating and programming.

GNU/Linux platforms: Ubuntu/Debian, CentOS/RedHat, Gentoo, embedded.

Containers: Docker, LXC

Clustering: cluster fs (NFS, GlusterFS, OCFS2, Ceph), balancing (LVS), DB replication (Mysql, Postgresql, MongoDB), high availability (Pacemaker, Corosync, Heartbeat).

Virtulization: Xen, VirtualBox, OpenVZ, KVM, qemu

Web control panels: ISPconfig, cpanel

Services: Apache/Nginx/Squid, Mysql/Galera/Postgresql/MongoDB, RabbitMQ, exim/dovecot/Tor, BareOS (bacula) etc...

Programming languages/frameworks:
- Golang (Go): server/CLI, Android, plain hardware (STM32)
- JavaScript/CoffeeScript on Node.js or client-side
- Python (TurboGears, Django, Twisted, Odoo/OpenERP)
- PHP (Zend Framework, Magento, Drupal, Joomla)
- Perl
- C/C++ (QT)

Linux iptables firewall and shaper experience.

Linux kernel development experience.

Developing for Raspberry Pi, Orange PI PC/PC2, Arduino*, STM32* experience.

Skills & Expertise

AndroidArduinoDockerGoGolangJavaScriptLinuxLinux ClusterLinux System AdministrationMySQLNGINXNode.jsOdooPostgreSQLPythonRaspberry PiUbuntu

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