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Linux servers configuration/management

Linux server administration (CentOS 6.x, 7.x, Debian, Ubuntu): install/config/deploy/tweaking/optimization/security/maintenance
Virtualization: OpenNebula, Proxmox (KVM/LXC/LXD), KVM, SolusVM (KVM/OpenVZ), QubesOS, Docker, Kubernetes
Firewalling: Linux iptables, fail2ban, sysctl tweaking/optimization
TCP/IP: static routing, port aggregation, VLAN(s), EdgeOS, EdgeRouter + EdgeSwitch
Servers and services monitoring (Nagios, Icinga2 with NRPE and SNMP, Zabbix)
Metrics and graphs (ElasticSearch, LogStash, Kibana, Grafana, Filebeat, Metricbeat, LibreNMS, Cacti, Centralized Syslog system)
Configuration Management (Jenkins, Git, Ansible)
Load Balancing (Haproxy, NGINX)
Web Servers: (Apache, Nginx)
Proxies: TinyProxy, Squid, sRelay, Dante's sock server
Databases (MySQL, MariaDB, MariaDB Gallera Cluster, PostgreSQL)
Scripting and programming: Bash, Perl (basic), Python (basic), php + MySQL (basic)
Ticketing/Documentation: Jira, Confluence
Version control: GitHub, BitBucket, Mercurial, SVN
Other tehnologies working with: RabbitMQ, Freeswitch, Jasmin SMS Gateway, RTPEngine, NodeJS, MacOSX

Skills & Expertise

AnsibleApacheBashDockerHAProxyIcinga2KubernetesLinuxMonitoringMySQLNagiosNGINXServer AdministrationUnixVarnish

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