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A Guide to Hiring Ansible Developers

Need a helping hand to manage complex software deployment or system configurations? It’s time to hire an expert Ansible developer for your team.

Guru’s platform is your link to the world's best freelance Ansible developers. These remote Ansible specialists are pros at everything from basic scripting to complex management tasks, all using the power of Ansible. No matter how big or small your project is, Guru can connect you with just the right Ansible developer to help you with your jobs. These developers can act as consultants or perform Ansible engineering tasks - whatever it is your team needs.

What Is an Ansible Developer?

An Ansible developer uses Ansible, a tool that helps manage and control software, to make IT tasks simpler and faster for companies. What do remote Ansible developers do exactly? These consultants write ‘playbooks,’ which are scripts that handle IT processes automatically.

Ansible engineers are also skilled at using a language called YAML (Yet Another Markup Language), the human-readable data serialization language used in Ansible. Additionally, Ansible developers can manage complex systems to ensure they run smoothly and reliably. 

Remote developers are also experts at combining Ansible with other tech tools, such as cloud services or CI/CD tools. This helps create a complete automation strategy that grows with your business.

Why Hire a Freelance Ansible Developer?

Hiring an Ansible developer is like putting your IT operations on autopilot. Here’s why hiring Ansible developers is a smart move:

  1. Developers can automate routine tasks to make them faster and less error-prone. This can free up your team's time for more strategic work and less engineering.

  2. As your business grows, so do your IT needs. Ansible developers can help scale your IT operations seamlessly, accommodating increased workload without sacrificing the efficiency or speed of your system administration.

  3. Ansible developers improve security by ensuring that all your IT engineering systems are configured correctly and consistently.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Freelance Ansible Developer?

When it comes to hiring an Ansible developer, costs can vary widely depending on the level of expertise, project complexity, and location. However, on average, a remote Ansible developer in the US earns about $128,544 per year. So, if you consider a typical forty-hour work week, this translates to an hourly rate of roughly $62 per hour. 

Of course, this is just the average cost of a freelance Ansible specialist–and actual rates can be higher or lower, depending on various factors. Plus, the cost is going to be much lower if you hire a freelance Ansible developer instead of a full-time employee. You’re going to save on office space, internet, benefits, and other costs that may be better spent elsewhere. 

What Skills Should an Ansible Developer Have?

Here's a skills checklist to help you find the perfect freelance developer for your jobs:

1. Technical Skills

  • Ansible expertise: A developer should have hands-on experience with Ansible configuration management tools. Your developer should know how to automate tasks and manage system configurations using Ansible.

  • Python knowledge: Understanding Python, specifically Python 3, is key. Python scripts can enhance Ansible's capabilities by providing more flexible automation solutions.

  • Cloud platforms: An Ansible developer should have experience using Ansible on major cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure.

  • Version control systems: A remote developer should be familiar with version control systems, like Git. This allows them to track and manage changes in application code.

  • Agile methodology: Familiarity with Agile approaches is always a plus point when hiring Ansible programmers.

2. Non-Technical Skills

  • Problem-solving skills: A good Ansible developer should be able to analyze problems, devise solutions, and troubleshoot any issues that arise when completing assigned jobs.

  • Communication: Effective communication is key for Ansible developers to understand project requirements, collaborate with team members, and provide updates on progress. You need to hire a freelance developer who gets along well with the rest of the team.

  • Adaptability: IT environments are dynamic, and Ansible developers should be adaptable to changes. They should be open to learning new technologies, staying updated with industry trends, and adjusting to evolving project requirements. 

How to Hire an Ansible Developer

Hiring a good Ansible developer can be daunting. Here’s what you should do to find and hire the right programmers for your team:

Step 1: Define Your Needs

First, jot down what you want the Ansible developer to do. This could include specific tasks, project goals, or system requirements that your team needs help with.

Step 2: Set a Budget

Decide how much you can spend on their engineering services. Remember, this will depend on the developer’s expertise and your project’s complexity. If you have a more complex development job or want a developer with more experience, the cost to hire their services will be more expensive.

Step 3: Use Guru to Kickstart Your Hunt

Use Guru’s platform to filter developers by experience, skills, rates, and more to find the right match. Go through freelance developer profiles, look at their past work and skills, industry experience, and see what others have said about them and their development services.

Step 4: Interview Shortlisted Candidates

Conduct interviews with your top picks. This helps you check their technical knowledge, problem-solving skills, and how well they communicate. You could even include team members in the interview process to get additional insight on the developer.

Step 5: Discuss Your Requirements

Lastly, make sure to discuss everything about your job with the selected freelance developer and clearly state your expectations for they get hired. Agree on the terms of the contract, including payment, project deadlines, and communication methods.

Is Ansible a Good Skill?

Ansible is an excellent skill to have, especially for those in the IT sector. First, Ansible development is in high demand. Many top companies like Hootsuite, Dailymotion, and Red Hat use Ansible to manage their IT operations. 

Second, Ansible can open doors to a wide range of tech jobs. Positions like a DevOps engineer, a system administrator, and a Cloud architect often require knowledge of Ansible. In fact, 9.49% of developers use Ansible in their development jobs.

Last, Ansible is known for its simplicity and ease of learning. Unlike some other IT automation tools, you don't need advanced programming skills to start using Ansible. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should start learning Ansible yourself when you can simply hire a talented freelance developer to help you out–but it does mean that you’ll find plenty of developers who are pretty good at Ansible.

Does Ansible Need Coding?

Ansible is designed to be simple and doesn’t require extensive programming knowledge like some other automation tools. It uses YAML syntax for its playbook configurations, which is more human-readable and less code-like than traditional programming languages.

That being said, having a basic understanding of programming concepts can be helpful when using Ansible. This can aid in creating more complex automation tasks or when troubleshooting issues. Additionally, knowledge of Python can be beneficial, as Ansible modules are typically written in Python. 

Because of all this, hiring a freelance Ansible developer from Guru is your best bet! Search through our extensive list of available Ansible experts, or post a free job listing to have qualified, remote candidates come to you.

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