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What Does an Ansible Developer Do?

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Ansible is an IT automation tool that is widely used by organizations to streamline and simplify complex IT processes. Developers use Ansible automation to configure systems, deploy software, enhance security, and much more. 

If you think that your business can benefit from Ansible’s versatile IT automation applications, read on to find out more about how it works and why you should hire Ansible developers.

The Role of an Ansible Developer

An Ansible developer uses the power of Ansible’s automation to propel businesses forward because they understand how businesses use Ansible and the benefits they can reap when it is deployed properly.

Here are some of the types of contributions Ansible developers can make to support organizational growth:

Playbook Development

An Ansible playbook is a blueprint for complex IT activities so they can be performed with little or no human intervention. These playbooks contain tasks and modules that enable consistent and repeatable deployments. Ansible developers create, enhance, and maintain these playbooks, which essentially serve as the building blocks of automation. 

Workflow Automation

Ansible developers also act as architects when they orchestrate complex workflows by defining the order and dependencies of tasks within the playbooks. They automate the execution of tasks and enable seamless coordination and integration across different systems and services.


Ansible developers are also responsible for coming up with innovative solutions to troubleshoot issues that occur during automation processes. They analyze logs, utilize Ansible’s debugging features, and employ their troubleshooting skills to identify and resolve automation-related problems.

What Is the Salary of an Ansible Developer?

Considering today’s fast-paced technology landscape and the push to automate, Ansible developers are in high demand. If you need the services of an Ansible developer, here’s how much you might need to pay:

Traditional Full-Time Developers

Full-time employees tend to be committed to the company they work for and are readily available. That said, they also come with added costs of benefits that need to be offered in addition to base salaries. 

If you want a full-time Ansible developer on staff, there are certain factors–such as geographical location and level of expertise–that can impact the cost of bringing one on board. The average salary of a full-time Ansible developer is $130,000 per year or around $62 per hour. Entry-level positions start at around $112,000 per year, while experienced professionals make up to about $170,500 per year.

Freelance Developers

Freelance developers work remotely, meaning you don’t have to pay for office space, equipment, internet, and employment benefits. This makes working with a freelancer much less expensive than full-time professionals. Based on the scope, nature, and duration of your project, you can expect to pay freelance developers anywhere between $15,000 and $200,000 per year.

Is Learning Ansible Difficult?

Ansible uses very simple syntax written in Yet Another Markup Language (YAML). YAML is an easy-to-understand data serialization language; one does not need special technical skills to code and understand playbooks written in YAML. In fact, Ansible’s basic features can be learned in as little as four hours. 

However, just because something is easy to learn doesn’t mean you should do it on your own. Using Ansible to perform complex automation tasks does require a level of expertise that takes time to develop. 

What Are Some Interview Questions to Ask an Ansible Developer?

Interviewing an Ansible developer is a critical part of the hiring process. Asking the right kind of questions will ensure you find the perfect candidate for the job. 

Here are three basic questions to ask in every interview:

What are Ansible server requirements?

Expected answer: You must have a virtual machine with Linux installed on it. As far as programming languages are concerned, you need to have at least Python v2.6.

What are Ansible playbooks?

Expected answer: Ansible playbooks are a group of tasks in a list used to automate repetitive activities.

What is Ansible Galaxy?

Expected answer: Ansible Galaxy is the website (or a public repository of Ansible roles) that allows users to create, install, manage, and share community-developed roles.

Make sure to also ask candidates whether they’ve worked on a similar project before, the kinds of challenges they encountered, and how they overcame them. 

How to Hire an Ansible Developer

The most convenient way to find and hire an Ansible developer is to use Guru. On this easy-to-use platform, you can simply post a job description and potential candidates will reach out to you right away. 

You can then shortlist the applicants based on credentials such as professional certifications, reviews, and experience. Once you have a list of three to five candidates, you can then reach out and schedule an interview with each of them. 

In Conclusion

The impact talented Ansible developers can have on businesses cannot be overstated. With their expertise in automation and configuration management, these skilled professionals empower organizations to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency, scalability, and reliability. So, if you’re looking to hire one for your business, Guru is ready to help you find the perfect candidate!

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