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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States

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Mobile Applications

WorkXpress has been programming mobile applications in the united states for over 15 years. We provide on-shore custom software developed around your requirements. Our applications are developed on a LAMP backend (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). Expand your web productivity through the implementation of a mobile application today!

Mobile Ready!- WorkXpress brings all of its benefits to mobile as well as web based database applications. Even build hybrid applications that are both web based AND mobile!

Our custom mobile applications can manage a variety of routines and processes more effectively through dynamic material requirements planning web applications: Calendar, Accounting, Invoicing, Dropbox, Ecommerce, Productivity and much more!

We have also mastered programming more encompassing mobile applications:
***Electronic Medical Record Management (EMR)
***Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
***Supply Chain Management (SCM)
***Client Relationship Management (CMR)
***Content Management Systems (CMS)
***Business Event Processing (BEP)
***Business Process Automation (BPA)
***Client/Company-side Portal, Paperless Office
***Warehouse and Inventory Management
***Booking and Entertainment

WorkXpress supplies all of the "other things" such as servers, data backups, system administration, disaster recovery, security, compliance and more to set you up in the cloud instantly, worry-free.

$55 / Hour
$1,000 minimum budget