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Have over 10 years of experience producing Access apps, many of which required complex VBA coding.

(1) Have worked on over a dozen different apps. Some projects went on for many years, others were small projects that were done in less than a month.
(2) Some apps were done for large multi billion dollar companies, others were done for very small companies.
(3) The apps usually connected to a back end SQL Server database. Wrote many stored procedures for various purposes, some were done to speed up the app.
(4) Worked on apps that were used only by upper management to do data mining and examine trends in the data.
(5) Worked on apps that were used in medical and counseling industries, where high security was needed and HIPAA compliance.
(6) Have done apps that performed various tasks: inventory, purchase orders, work orders, customer quotes, back orders, tracking parts, sales person collaboration for large orders, data mining, data analysis, data trends, database integrity checks, reports of various types, and other tasks.
(7) Worked on apps in the following industries: international shipping, inventory, work flow, internal business operations, medical, counseling, high tech motorcycle parts, utility electric meter monitoring, ocean industrial parts, kitchen cabinets, and various others.

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