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MS Excel based services

MS Excel based services include but are not limited to:
*Create new / modify Dashboards & Reports with / without Slicers
*Create new / modify Pivot tables
*Create new formulas / resolve errors in formulas (whether simple or complex)
*Link multiple spreadsheets / workbooks for automatic data updates
*Create new / modify formatting / conditional formatting
*Create new / modify data capture template
*Create new / modify drop-down list (list of values)
*Apply data validations
*Convert Excel to PDF
*Remove duplicates / spaces in data ... etc.

Skills & Expertise

Cost ManagementDashboardData AnalysisData ManagementData ValidationEngineeringFinancial AnalysisFinancial ReportingFormulaGraphInventory AccountingKpiLayout DesignMathematicsPivot TablesPlanningPower PivotReportSpreadsheetSupplier PerformanceTemplate

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