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New Concept Feasibility Consulting

Do you have an idea for a new product, business, or other technical concept, but don't have the technical expertise to know whether it is worth pursuing? I will use my knowledge and expertise to analyze your idea and provide feedback and suggestions. I will consider the small technical details (that can really make a difference) as well as the big picture.

Is your product idea something that can be manufactured (cost efficiently)? If not, how would it need to be changed? I have experience in all typical manufacturing methods and can look out for the small but important details that make a difference.

Cost estimating - Quick, ballpark numbers for all manufacturing methods, prototyping, design work, patenting, materials, energy, etc.

Will your product function as you intend it to?

Maybe your idea violates a fundamental law of science, or has some other flaw in it's core concept. This happens all the time. Wouldn't your rather know that BEFORE you start invested time and money into it?

I'm available on email, phone, Skype, etc.

A one-hour consult can potentially save you thousands. It will give you quick access to vital information you need to make smart business decisions upfront, rather than be yet another statistic for failed business ventures.

$150 / Hour
$4,000 minimum budget