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Industrial design refers to the conceptualization and design of a product that belongs to the specific industrial niche. These products are often subjected to large-scale manufacturing and production processes for increasing the revenue of the industry. Once a functional design for a product is obtained from a skilled commercial and industrial designer, it can be processed and produced multiple times for sale and export.

What Do Commercial and Industrial Designers Do?

Industrial designers use their innate creativity, imagination and understanding of the current market demands to conceptualize and develop product designs that are in tune with the industry’s operations and will help increase the organization’s profits. Industrial design is a specialized skill which cannot be performed by normal designers. The reason for this is that industrial designers need to use scientific calculations and decision-making processes to decide the material, form and shape of the product, manufacturing processes, functionality, usability and physical ergonomics for product design. People who provide industrial product design services begin by performing extensive market research and comparative product research. After taking all factors into consideration, they then develop the product design in 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software such as AutoCAD. This is followed by building models and prototypes of the design, and testing them to identify defects and to check for the possibility of improvement. They also specify the colors, materials, texture, shape and overall arrangement of components that confer the most optimal use to the product.

If you are looking for professional industrial product design services, you can hire a freelancer online who can help you with your industrial project requirements. However, you need to ensure that your freelancer is:

  • Familiar with industrial design processes and is capable of conducting market research and analyzing the data before conceptualizing a suitable product design.

  • Familiar with 3D design software used for industrial product design services and can leverage all its features to develop 3D models.

  • Familiar with industrial manufacturing and production processes, and has the knowledge of materials, components and their available dimensions for specifying the details of the product design.

Qualifications of Commercial and Industrial Designers

It is ideal that your freelancer has:

  • A strong educational background in engineering, architecture or industrial design.

  • Knowledge of CADD (Computer-Aided Design and Drafting), drawing, 3D modeling, industrial materials and manufacturing and production processes.

  • An extensive portfolio of drawings, sketches and designs relevant to the domain of product design.

Benefits of Freelance Industrial Designers

With the increasing demand of skilled product designers, a lot of expert professionals are choosing to offer online freelance services on some of the top freelance marketplaces. They have the experience of working with diverse clients in several industrial areas, and their knowledge and expertise can help you with your industrial product design project requirements.

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