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Mockups (or mock-ups) are one of the preliminary steps in building software, design, or any functioning idea at large. It can act as a first draft of an idea coming into fruition - and as opposed to a prototype that is a functioning model; mockups do not leave room for testing. A mockup has all of the final ideas intact without having to completely build a functioning product. They're best utilized to instruct audiences on the intended use of a product, or to demonstrate the potential that the final product could lead up to. They're also the form of a product first released to audiences, promoting the device. For the designer, a mockup is an opportunity to have hands on experience creating a device, and address any concerns that may not have been as obvious on paper.

It's easy to commit to an idea and move forward, but a mockup should never be overlooked! It's an opportunity to get your ideas out on paper to see what it would look like, and how it would function. By taking the time to create an idea of what your software, application, or product will look like, you open the door to accept feedback. Feedback allows for growth from different perspectives, and that's increasingly instrumental for a product meant for the general public. Hire a Guru freelancer at your ideal price, and have them help you build a mock-up today! You'll see how clear your idea is, and what it might look like before you allocate resources to produce.

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