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Patent application writing


This service includes the prior arts search and writing of provisional patent application document. The ideal turnaround time for this project is 5-7 days.


I was granted a patent for my invention - a Nanocarbon photocatalyst which I developed while working as a researcher. I drafted the patent application for my invention and I eventually granted my first patent. From there, I help other inventors to also secure patents for their unique ideas. Up to date, I have written more than 20 patents which were submitted to the United Stated Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). A patent application for an invention is one of the most difficult instruments to draw with accuracy. The drafting process involved describing the invention to those of ordinary skill in the art, and in terms a drafter would understand; teaching how to use it, and describing the best mode; claiming the invention to prevent design-around efforts, but to avoid all prior art and complying with the requirements of the USPTO. A technical person is in the best position to understand in depth an invention and who will take the steps needed such as including all the necessary details in the application document to achieve the issuance of patent.

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