South Portland, Maine, United States

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Seasoned QA professional who believes in doing it right the first time. Further, I am adept at coming up to speed on a new project and/or system. Quite simply, I have learned how to learn. How to leverage what I know and how to apply it to a new situation. My many years' experience allow me to avoid pitfalls that ensnare less-seasoned professionals. My 30+ years of experience started on a DEC PDP/8 with 12K(!) of memory. I have worked on systems from DEC, IBM, HP, Stratus, Silicon Graphics, Compaq, Wang, Data General, Computervision, and Pr1me. Operating systems include: TSS/8, RSTS/E, VMS, TOPS/10, TOPS/20, MVS, VM, Wang/VS, CGOS, Primos, PC-DOS, OS/2, and Windows (3.1/95/NT/2K/XP). I have programmed in over 20 different languages including: BASIC, FORTRAN, COBOL, PL/1, Pascal, Assembler (6502, IBM 360/370, PDP/8, PDP/11, VAX, etc.), REXX, AWK, Unix shell (shell, c-shell, bash), Perl, CSS, Javascript, HTML, C, and PL/SQL, SQL. I have tested a COBOL compiler, 3 operat

$85 / Hour
$25 minimum budget