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Fortran is an imperative programming language primarily used for scientific and numeric computing. It was originally developed for use in scientific and engineering applications. Today, it is used to power some of the world’s fastest supercomputers as it has high-performance computing abilities. It is particularly employed for computation-intensive applications such as weather prediction, finite element analysis, crystallography, and computational physics. Fortran supports different types of programming such as object-oriented, array, modular, generic, structured and concurrent apart from having parallel computing abilities. Due to its immense numeric and computational capabilities, it has been referred to as the “mother tongue of scientific computing”. If you require high-performance programming for your science and engineering projects, you can opt for expert Fortran programmers for hire on online freelance marketplaces such as Guru

What Is a Fortran Programmer?

Fortran Programmers help scientists and engineers in projects such as designing bridges and aeroplane structures, factory automation control and scientific data analysis. Apart from this, they help develop high-performance computing applications for various purposes. There is a vast library of Fortran programs that has been developed over the years and is accessible to Fortran Programmers for use in present-day projects. Fortran Programmers may use these programs or create their own, which are later added to the library. In contrast with Pascal developers, Fortran Programmers are in high demand by physicists and computer scientists. The reason is that this language is ideal for high-scale simulations, parallelization, vectorization and data analysis. Currently, there is only one other language, C++, that has all the capabilities of Fortran and can replace this language for scientific applications. Despite this, Fortran has been used to power several legacy applications and so, it is still widely taught and used in the fields of academia and research.

If you would like to opt for the services of Fortran programmers for hire, you can connect with experts on some of the best online freelance sites. Before you do so, you need to ensure that the person:

  • Can develop high efficiency codes for fast processing of large amounts of data

  • Can implement new and sophisticated algorithms in scientific applications

  • Is experienced in scientific data analysis and can develop scientific software for large-scale projects

Qualifications of Fortran Programmers

Expert Fortran programmers can simplify your scientific and engineering projects by developing intuitive applications. Here are some of the qualifications you need to ensure before hiring a freelancer.

  • Professional education and training in computer science, engineering, and software development

  • Proficiency in HPC systems, CPU/GPU architectures, GPU programming languages, and cloud computing environments

  • Extensive portfolio of several software development projects successfully accomplished using Fortran

Benefits of Freelance Fortran Programmers

  • They can deliver performance optimizations for computational and digital workflows.

  • They can collaborate with technology experts to develop applications for various ongoing projects in the domains of science and engineering.

  • They can help maintain and upgrade legacy systems originally powered by Fortran.

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