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I am a highly passionate and driven business professional who enjoys bringing value to other people and their businesses. Having gathered experience across a handful of industries as well as businesses, I enjoy working to make business better, from the vast complexities of Project Manangement as well as Operations Management. There is a way to improve, and so do in a simple, straightforward manner. It would be my pleasure to assist you in whatever way I possible can through planning, managing, coordination, consulting as well as coaching individuals and small teams.

I excel at driving while juggling and managing the versatile, fluid thing that is project management. If you are working towards an end goal,a finished product, a move, event or party, install and so forth, all of which have multitudes of different players, responsibilities and interdependencies, I would love to assist you.

At the end of the day, all teams, leaders as well as members, want to do their work better, have more of an impact on the organization and be a valued member of a thriving, powerful team group. To secure this is rather simple - through the basic tenants of effective and efficient planning, organizing and tasking, I teach teams how to improve not what they do, but how they do it, how they communication and coordinate, as well as how to handle and best resolve conflicts as they inevitably arise. Very quickly, teams learn the game-changing value in communication, coordination, task and project management.

I employ performance improvement, transformation methodology, tools, and techniques in order to accomplish business objectives that improve the effectiveness and quality of any team. For tech savvy and on-the-go teams, I love to introduce and implement the vast possibilities provided by the best of the online market - Asana, Wrike, Basecamp, Slack, Todoist, Trello, Microsoft Teams, GoogleDrive, Monday.

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