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React-Native, React developer

Focus on Web and Distributed Software development using NodeJS / ASP.NET MVC / ASP.NET Core / WebAPI / WCF, TypeScript and JavaScript (Angular, Vue, React, BackboneJs, jQuery, Electron.js, etc), MS SQL / MySQL / PostgreSQL / MongoDb, Kafka / RabbitMQ / MSMQ, ElasticSearch / Logstash / Kibana, AWS, Azure and Google Clouds, DevOps (Docker, Ansible, TeamCity, etc), Linux & Windows, Agile Team & Project Management, Scrum and more!

Some of my latest projects:

- multi-tenant, SaaS web application which I build myself entirely - everything from business concept, architecture & design and to coding & hacking

- Open-Source On-Demand Commerce Platform (reactive server, mobile apps, web apps)
Next is the list of what exactly you get when you hire me:

- Honest, long-term partner & friend, not just a coder (if you need only a coder for a few days, I am not the right choice). I will supply many ideas and suggestions you never get from the regular programmer, guaranteed!

- Best Architecture & Design of your application. It is optional if required of your team. No matter if we start hacking it from 0 or you already have something. If you need a coder who always does what you ask even if it is entirely wrong, afraid I can't work with you.

- I will make substantial code changes & commits from the first day you hire me. We may use Extreme Programming/Scrum unless you prefer something else. I will not work for free if original estimates were wrong - they are always wrong. Same however I will never bill you for more hours than was spent on your project, no exceptions. You will also be able to see demos & instant progress on my local server or in the Cloud!

- We carefully update your live server(s) with the latest code (Deploy). We can set up new if you don't have any servers yet (and yes, we will also set up continues integration & deployment). I have experience with hardware & OS software, Azure & AWS Clouds, DevOps and more! (You will see how it is possible to save $$$ every month on that, guaranteed!)

- We will use the best tools available to get your tasks done, your software will ship and your customers happy!

* Visual Studio 2017 (or 2015 or even 2013) or VS Code or WebStorm or IDEA? NP (well, we can also use notepad++ or vi if you insist).

* Want to make Enterprise web app? Sure we can use Telerik (Kendo) / DevExpress or any other web controls.

* Have already spaghetti code in ASP.NET 1.1 or 2.0? Well, we can use it for old things (upgrading very quickly to the latest) and use ASP.NET MVC / ASP.NET Core for new ideas...

* We will use Github or Bitbucket as places where your code lives in peace. We can install Git / SVN repo on your server if security access is your concern, JIRA/Asana/Trello for your tasks & bugs tracking.

* Need search in your app? Well, ElasticSearch, Lucene or even Solr will work well for us!

* Need database & can afford to pay $$$ for licenses - we probably will use MS SQL. Can't spend so much for licenses or love OSS, lik

Skills & Expertise

DjangoJavaScriptNodePythonReactReact Native

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