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I am a licensed physician, and I currently write almost exclusively on medical topics for both consumers and professionals. I have edited journal papers and a number of medical websites. I occasionally do profile writing for companies.I started writing as a physician (see my work samples). When looking for a second career in writing, what began with a single submission to CINEFANTASTIQUE about STAR TREK's Walter Koenig, turned into many assignments for articles in CFQ's issue celebrating TREK's 30th anniversary. I soon helped cover the two TREK television shows, DEEP SPACE NINE and VOYAGER. By 1998 I was in charge of all the TREK coverage for CFQ - a cover-story, book-length issue once a year for the two TV shows and the films. As the resident "Trekspert," I had learned everything I needed to know about how an idea turned into a television episode. I was published elsewhere, providing STAR TREK coverage for FANDOM.COM online, but also articles on other science fiction television and fi

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