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Engineering & Architecture Math / Science / Algorithms

Scientific Computation

Parametric Modeling, Form Finding, Topology Optimization, Generative Design, Daylight/Artificial Lighting Study, Photo Realistic Rendering, Computation and Iterative Progression, Complex Geometries Rationalization, Deployable Structures, Folding & Origami Geometries, Particle and Fluid Dynamics Simulation.

Skills & Expertise

3D3D ModelingAlgorithmsCircuit DesignDesignEngineeringEnvironmentalFinite Element AnalysisFluid MechanicsInternet of Things (IoT)Mathematical ModelingModelingParametric ModelingPhysicsRenderingScientific ComputationSimulation ModelingValue EngineeringVisualization

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15 Reviews for This Service

  • Ashley Solano says,

    I just have to say that I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Roberto! I really got lucky. I say this because In the past I've dealt with people who ended up screwing me on other projects I've worked on. Now Roberto is the real deal. He knows how to perfect your idea and how to be protected. By this I mean patening. He's very knowledgeable about that which makes working with him even better. Roberto truely cares. And he has done a great job in helping me perfect my idea. Work with Roberto because he will NOT let you down. Thank you so much! I am very thankful!

    for Design Engineering on Jan 31, 2017

  • Boris V says,

    Roberto is a true professional. He works independently, communicates regularly, and his imagination is unparalleled. You're truly lucky if he takes on your project.

    for Design silicone ziplock container on Nov 30, 2016

  • Janelle 3 says,

    First off, I just wanted to say that this is my first time writing a review! I've had such a wonderful experience with No Ego Design team that I felt compelled to write one. Roberto and his talented team in Italy were the epitome of professionalism, talent and customer service. Working from the west coast, I had no problems working on time constraints with his team in Italy. The email and phone communications were were always organized and clear. Being a management consultant in the past, I've come across many services providers that lacked the organization and true professionalism that No Ego possess. They carefully listened and conducted research on my product to ensure that ALL bases were covered. They brought up topics and things to consider that I missed in my research, and trust me I've done a TON of research! I have other design ideas and will definitely look to them when I'm ready to go again! I am confident that you will love their services and definitely recommend No Ego Design

    for CAD file for a baby teether on Apr 15, 2016

  • H.G.N. says,

    Roberto has been able to follow through from initial prototype design to the preliminary stages of 3D modeling. I look forward to examining the 3D model and its mechanics in further detail. He periodically sends me updates along with pictures of our progress. In the future, I would also like him to provide me with the actual data files (from the modeling programs) that he uses to create the design as well as the 3D prototype.

    for Product Design on Jan 06, 2015

  • H.G.N. says,

    I am currently working with Roberto on a project through Thus far, I am very enthusiastic about the end product. I think that Roberto brings his own unique ideas and perspectives to the table, and tries to take ownership of his work product. I appreciate how he provides status and work updates as we progress through our product development phases. I am looking very forward to continue working with him.

    for Product Design on Aug 20, 2014

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