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Why Scopic?
As one of Guru’s top providers since 2006, creating successful digital products and software is our passion. We don’t just build apps and websites, our marketing team considers every aspect and detail of your product to ensure optimum results from user experience (UX) to discoverability (SEO). SEO, the most technical part of marketing, requires analytical thinking and attention to detail – these are skills we at Scopic have in abundance.

Whether you’re building a website from scratch or wanting to boost traffic to your current domain, Scopic tailors every SEO service to your marketing needs and budget. Our diverse technical background has given us in-depth knowledge of optimizing websites and keeping up with the latest search engine best practices. SEO can be done incrementally and iteratively, allowing businesses of any budget to proceed once results are seen.

Why SEO?
SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of enhancing a website in order to increase visibility in search engines and draw in clients. SEO determines a website’s ranking in search engines, allowing it to be easily discovered, as well as engaging and retaining visitors by ensuring those visitors have the best experience they can while browsing your site.

So how can Scopic help you achieve that coveted ranking?
1. First, we evaluate your website’s quality with an SEO Audit to discover how it currently ranks in search engines, the site’s loading speed, the number of external and internal links, and the friendliness of the site’s mobile version. Each of the items discovered in the audit will need to be fixed in order to optimize your website.
2. Second, we perform keyword research to discover what will draw quality traffic to your site. This research will be parsing through tens of thousands of keywords in order to choose the best mix of broad and specific keywords to increase the conversion rate.
3. Third, we optimize the site using the SEO Audit and the keyword research. With on-page optimization, keywords are incorporated into headings, meta descriptions, alt image texts, page titles, URLs, and page content. With technical SEO, technical issues discovered in the SEO Audit are fixed, such as page loading speeds, 404 errors, duplicated content, and mobile site viewing.

To achieve the max result, we can create unique content, increase your site discoverability with link building, and develop landing pages.

Here are the three steps to get started:
Step 1 – Choose a suitable package (attached in Work Collections) and place an order.
Step 2 – Tell us about your project and provide us with the required information.
Step 3 – Receive your first update within 3 working days and watch your website rank improve day by day.

See the attachment below for more information about the packages offered and our SEO portfolio:

Additionally, we can create a custom plan based on your requirements and needs.

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322 Reviews for This Service

  • Reto_Zimmermann says,

    Always a pleasure to work with Erisa. Competent & timely.

    for IFTTT / MS Flow or similar service on Jan 05, 2021

  • Ryan 704 says,

    Progress has been made on backend but css, gravity form issues, and layout changes are being addressed but the timeline and billable hours continue to grow larger than the amount of work performed. Work has been paused due to scheduled time of off for some key Scopic team members. Tina is going out of her way to find additional help to continue working on the absence. since the template foundation has not been finalized it will be difficult for anyone to fill in without a steep learning curve. We have implemented weekly checked ins that were discussed and agreed to previously by PM and the one we have had was extremely beneficial for all parties. The next 2 are being skipped due to the scheduled time off but optimistic we can hit the ground running when everyone involved from Scopic and our team is able to clarify any issues or questions that come up each week over zoom screenshare

    for Custom Wordpress Site on Dec 26, 2020

  • Ryan 704 says,

    Scopic team slipped on tasks and Nereida failed to notify us progress was delayed and scheduled weekly calls were never set up. Basic image rendering and updates were not made and nothing was done to address contact form and styling discussed during last call. In short, not even progress was made for us to leave feedback. We have made calls and slack steps to communicate without hurdles so there are no more issues with Neireda managing properly. Tina has been a rockstar putting together the pieces with limited resources. I am optimistic we can get to the finish line

    for Custom Wordpress Site on Dec 15, 2020

  • Ryan 704 says,

    Progress is going in right direction

    for Custom Wordpress Site on Nov 03, 2020

  • Ryan 704 says,

    had a productive call after a lot of back and forth, am very encouraged and optimistic we are close to getting back on track.

    for Custom Wordpress Site on Oct 31, 2020

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