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Software Developer C/C++/Go/Ruby/Python

I'm an experienced Software Developer with the expertise of the SDLC of small to large-scale enterprise products. An avid learner of the latest technologies, standards, idioms, design patterns, and best practices to build robust, scalable, and quality products. Also, well-versed with the formal code reviews, refactoring, testing, maintenance, and documentation.

Areas of Expertise and Interest
- Backend / Cloud / Distributed Systems
- Embedded and Systems Development
- Performance Critical Applications
- Endpoint and Cyber Security

Some Keywords
- C, C++, STL, Boost, Qt, Golang, Java (Core)
- Scripting (Shell/Bash, Ruby, Python)
- Concurrency, Multithreading
- Network Programming (TCP/UDP)
- Web Programming (HTTP/HTTPS, Restful APIs)
- Serialization/Deserialization Formats (Binary, JSON, Protocol Buffers, MsgPack)
- Command Line (Linux Terminal, Windows Command Prompt / PowerShell)
- Operating Systems (Linux - Ubuntu/CentOS, MacOS, Windows)
- Version Control (Git - GitHub/GitLab, CVS, SVN)
- Profiling (Valgrind Suite, perf, KCachegrind)
- Testing (Unit, Integration, System, Smoke, Regression)
- Load Testing, Stress Testing (ApacheBench, JMeter)
- Agile, Scrum, JIRA, Confluence, SharePoint, Continuous Integration

Skills & Expertise

Backend DevelopmentCC++DesignDocumentationEmbedded DevelopmentEnterprise SoftwareGo ProgrammingJavaNetworkingProgrammingPythonSoftware DevelopmentSoftware Testing

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