Odessa, Odes'ka Oblast', Ukraine

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Software Developing services

Designing systems that work
Research the problems
Create the requirements documents
Conversion of the requirements into an architecture and design
Creating the detailed project plans
Developing clear architecture documentation for developers and team leads

Wide range of the Unix/Linux distributions, servers and applications (Create/Develop/Customize/Support)
Linux device drivers development, including RealTime (Xenomai/RTDM)
Multiplatform (AVR/ARM/AVR32/NIOS/SPARC/MIPS/PPC/X86/X86_64)
POSIX standard applications development
Multi-Threaded and concurrent applications (Pthreads/OpenMP)
HPC and hardware accelerated applications (FPGA boards/OpenCL/WebCL)
Cluster, Distributed, High Load and High Availability applications
Soft/Hard Real-Time applications (RT-Linux/RTAI/Adeos/Xenomai)
SQL Databases (OrientDB/NuoDB/Postgres/FireBird/MySQL)
RPC, Web services, Ajax, WebSockets (XML-RPC/JSON/SOAP/WSDL/Apache WSO2/Sencha/ExtJS)
VPS, Virtual machines (Qemu/KVM/VMWare/VirtualBox)
Networking, Firewalls, Custom network security applications (SSL/TLS/”Black Hole” servers/Networks protection/Security monitoring/TFA)
Crypto applications (data protection/encryption/steganography/secure access/etc.)
Low-level Mobile development (Android)
Reverse engineering (IDA/SoftICE/OllyDBG/GDB/Strace/SystemTap/Ftrace/Tracepoints)

$50 / Hour
$500 minimum budget

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