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Threejs guru !

- 6 years working remotely
- 100% job success
- 40 Jobs involving WebGL
- 926 hours tracked

B.S. Software Engineer & Computer Science, JavaScript developer with 6+ years experience working exclusively on the Web technologies and 10+ years working with 3D graphics. I have full command over WebGL. Node.js + Branch.js + Three.js. Data visualization, 60fps+ real-time rendering in the browser. Excited by good programming practices.

¦ Strengths:

? Exceptionally good understanding (excellent command of the English language).
? Natural care for a well-designed code using god design patterns and OOP techniques.
? Organized by nature, I use Trello, Github and S lack plus keeping a live version of the project so that you can track where I am at all the time.
? I DO pay attention to the details.
? Self-motivated, smart, hard worker and responsible.

¦ Projects I've been working at:

? “Opinion mining on the social media and possible use of it in marketing” SaaS (B.SE. thesis final project): automated software for understanding the public opinion on different subjects. Using Opinion Mining technology over the social network, this software can understand and generate "opinion networks" and get consumer segments and what those segments think about a subject. Along with a colleague, we designed the architecture, build the whole app stack using Javascript (angular.js, three.js, node.js and highchairs ). The app will reveal new information about that topic that could be used in marketing campaigns.
? Vegetation Simulation project. Using Java, and the web technologies, I built a tesla-fast distributed machine learning algorithm for vegetation grow simulation and the front end view on the browser. This app lets an architect or urbanist to analyze how vegetation can grow depending on the soil type, nutrients, humidity, sunshine, and also how vegetation competes for this resource inside this simulated biome.
?Android puzzle game: directed a Unity 3D game development, currently online. We created the game, the company, and the marketing strategy.
? A high-performance CUDA encrypter/decrypter from scratch. Leveraging the power of the GPU this piece of code can cipher a large amount of megabytes in just a few milliseconds.
? A PHP framework from scratch with MVC architecture, full CRUD operations, a central router, templates for the browser and using top security measures.

¦ Skills:

Scripting || Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, Node.js,, Three.js, webGL, Angular.js, Express.js, mongoDB.
Others || C, Unity3D, Smalltalk, CUDA, Bootstrap, shell scripting, Linux, RapidMiner. Software engineering || Trello, UML, Design Patterns, Agile methodologies, Git.
Techniques || Data Mining, Opinion Mining, Parallel programming, Computer Learning.
Software || Blender, Maya, SketchUp, Autocad,

Skills & Expertise

3D Animation3D CADArchitectureCadCanvasDesignGitGitHubGlslHTMLHTML5JavaScriptNode.jsPHPThree JsThree.jsThreejsUnityUnity 3DUnity3dWebgl

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