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Experienced in topics such as:
- General Chemistry (AP/IB level and College introductory)
- General Biology (AP/IB level)
- Organic Chemistry I (College introductory)
- Statistics (AP level and College introductory)
- Ordinary Differential Equations
- Calculus I,II, and III (AP AB/BC and Multivariable)
- Materials Science (College introductory)
- Matlab (College introductory)
- Java (College introductory)
- Physics (AP B/College introductory; Mechanics and Electricity/Magnetism)
- Thermodynamics (College introductory, Chemical Engineering)
- Material and Energy Balances (Steady-state, College introductory, Chemical Engineering)
- Numerical Methods (College introductory)
- Microsoft Excel
- Pre-Algebra
- Pre-Calculus
- Basic Math
- Trigonometry
- English Grammar

Skills & Expertise

Algebra TutorBiologyCalculus TutorChemical EngineeringChemistryDifferential EquationsEngineeringEnglish LanguageExcelGrammarJavaMaterial BalanceMaterialsMaterials ScienceMathMATLABMicrosoftNumerical MethodsPhysicsScienceStatisticsThermodynamicsTrigonometryTutoring

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