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Top Calculus Tutoring Freelancing Services

  • View Service Offered By Adam Freund Design LLC

    Adam Freund Design LLC

    Bozeman, Montana, United States

    • calculus tutor
    • Alternative Energy
    • Analysis

    Scientific Computation

    I received my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maine in 2012. I am well-versed in the following fields: Machine design, materials, thermodynamics, fluids dynamics, physics, statis...

  • View Service Offered By Bitrixa Limited

    Bitrixa Limited

    London, London, United Kingdom

    • calculus tutor
    • Algebra Tutor
    • Analytics

    Solve Calculus/Physics/Discrete Maths

    I can help you solve any maths or physics related problems for 25 pounds and will deliver within 24 hours. I am a Maths professional and I can help you with: - Calculus 1,2,3 I am a honest, hard-worki...

  • View Service Offered By Sardar Aqib Mahmood

    Sardar Aqib Mahmood

    Gujranwala, Punjab, Pakistan

    • calculus tutor
    • Algebra Tutor
    • Calculus 1

    Calculus Tutor

    Are you struggling with Calculus? Do you want to get your answers reviewed or verified? Do you want help in solving your problems and get correct answers? I can help you improve your grades and make y...

  • View Service Offered By Quaid Academy

    Quaid Academy

    Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan

    • calculus tutor
    • App Development
    • Calculations

    tutor of math and calculus.

    Hi, Are you having a tough time in learning #calculus, #Calculus 1, #calculus 2, and #calculus 3? I''ll help you trough the course. I''ll be very professional in helping you Calculus. I''m very good at ...

  • View Service Offered By Brooke Kreuter

    Brooke Kreuter

    Bend, Oregon, United States

    • calculus tutor
    • Algebra Tutor
    • Mathematics

    Math, Algebra, Calculus, Physics tutor

    Hello, See www.tutorz.com/tutor/468151 for additional information. I have been there for a year now and will be continuing for the next year. I was a student who used the tutoring resources available...

  • View Service Offered By Iman kablan

    Iman kablan

    houston, Texas, United States

    • calculus tutor
    • Arts And Crafts
    • Mathematics

    Math/ calculus teacher

    I can teach math and solve problems in math , calculus, and physics , I have experience in doing that. I also make a handmade crafts ( write names on candles and glass )

  • View Service Offered By Muhammad Ali Malik

    Muhammad Ali Malik

    Khushab, Sindh, Pakistan

    • calculus tutor
    • Applications Of Derivatives
    • Applications Of Integration

    Calculus Expert

    Are you facing problems in learning Calculus? I''ll help you in solving its problems. I''ll be very professional in helping you Calculus. My expertise includes the following articles: • Functions • Diff...

  • View Service Offered By Jai Sipani

    Jai Sipani

    Bikaner, Rajasthan, India

    • calculus tutor
    • Algebra Teacher
    • Educational Instruction

    Algebra and Calculus Teacher

    Students find algebra and calculus hardest to cope up with. I have taught many students these topics and made them, overcome their fears. I have a teaching experience of 2 years working as a maths fac...

  • View Service Offered By Karthik Mareedu

    Karthik Mareedu

    Eluru, Andhra Pradesh, India

    • calculus tutor
    • Algebra Tutor
    • Mathematics

    Math problem solving-Algebra calculus

    algebra-linear equations 2.sets 3.qudratic equations 4.vectors 5.matrices.....etc calculus 1.diffrentiation 2.integrations 3.areas using integration 4.diffrential equation

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Find a Calculus Tutor

Calculus is defined as the mathematical study of continuous change. By learning about it we develop a better understanding of the changes that may occur between values that have some relation in terms of a function between them. In the study of calculus, we learn about limits, derivatives, functions, infinite series, and integrals.

Calculus has applications in almost every field. Some common examples are: in Architecture where it is used to analyze and improve the structure of buildings and bridges. In Physics, where it helps to know more about motion, dynamics, acoustics, electricity, light, heat, etc. Besides these, it is also used in medicine, economics, astronomy, etc. Hence, the subject is extremely important and you can hire a freelance calculus tutor to explain the concepts if you face any difficulty. Their services can be engaged on Guru, one of the best online freelance sites.

What Does a Calculus Tutor Do?

An expert who offers calculus tutoring services can be contacted to expound on the concepts of the subject. They are usually well informed about the syllabi of different boards in the country. According to the current knowledge levels of the student, they initially brush upon the basics and would then proceed further. They may either teach the subject one-on-one or take a small online class comprising of a limited set of students. With their command on the subject, they make it interesting and engaging. To achieve this, they may draw practical parallels so that the learner comprehends it easily.

Generally, any tutor intends to make the student get a good grasp over the subject and not just learn it by rote. This helps them apply the principles in the later stages of their academic and professional career. Regular assessments, quizzes, and tests are also taken to find out the progress of the student. Accordingly, the tutor may give extra coaching in particular areas where they feel the need. In this way, they will guide the student to achieve their full potential. For guidance in algebra, the services of a freelance algebra tutor may be hired who will explain about variables and their operations in mathematical equations. Additionally, a freelance mathematics tutor may be engaged to explain more about numbers and geometry. You can find a calculus tutor on Guru, a leading name in the online freelance marketplace. Before you hire their services do ensure that:

  • They have good grasp over the subject.
  • They have experience in tutoring and can tailor the style of teaching according to the capability of the student.
  • Can slowly encourage the students to work independently on the subject.

Qualifications to Check for Before You Hire a Freelance Calculus Tutor

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Mathematics with a specific interest in calculus.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Education.
  • Prior experience and have achieved good results with students in the past.

Benefits of Hiring Calculus Tutoring Services

  • With their guidance, your ward will be able to perform better in the class.
  • By making the subject engaging, the tutor can kindle a strong interest in the field.

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