Matteo Mancini

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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UX / UI designer

Problem Solving is about asking the right question

What is the real problem we are trying to solve, what are we trying to achieve? The beginning part of the project is the most crucial, is what will lead all the future decisions.

I consider the context, I view the problem from different angles and ask myself Why the problem is such until I get to the core.
User first

The product is a tool that converts what the users can do into what they want to do.
Users deserve the maximum attention, after all what's the point of building something that nobody wants to use?

I make sure to hit the users goals and needs, I build personas, scenarios and user journey based on user research.
Simplicity is the key

People not only buy, but more importantly love, designs that can make their lives simpler.John Maeda

Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious, and adding the meaningful. The question is never, “Why should we get rid of it?” It is always, “Why should we keep it?"

Testing and prototyping

No matter your experience some of the your assumptions will be wrong and at the end of the day your product "Works or doesn't work", better to know it as soon as possible.

I build quick prototypes to validate the assumptions and pivot before it's too late, I use Post it notes, paper, html5, css, javascript and arduino.

$40 / Hour
$0 minimum budget