Matteo Mancini

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Matteo Mancini

My name is Matteo and I'm an UX designer based in Melbourne. I design meaningful experiences and build cool tools to empower people and make their life easier.

I believe that services should function in the way that you expected, actions should feel natural, products save us time, make us achieve more by doing less or creating new opportunities...

I’m a UX designer with a background in computer science and visual design, I'm the ring between your development and graphical teams, i make sure the product and UI looks and feels good, and at the same time is functional and user friendly.

I'm very curious and always challenging myself, I never do anything twice in the same way, I always look for a more efficient and simpler alternative.

I design meaningful experiences and build cool tools to empower people and unleash all their creative potential and create incredible things.

My involvement in the project starts identifying interesting opportunities, generating concepts, identifying user needs and goal, building personas and scenarios, sketching wireframes and prototyping assumptions.

Design process

I consider the context, I view the problem from different angles and ask myself "Why" the problem is such until I get to the core.

I make sure to hit the users goals and needs, I build personas, scenarios and user journey based on user research.

I transform concepts, scenarios and brainstorming ideas into detailed storyboards, task flows and navigational structures.

I bring simplicity and clarity into the overall product experience. The question is never, “Why should we get rid of it?” It is always, “Why should we keep it?"

I build quick prototypes to validate the design assumptions and pivot before it's too late, I use Post it notes, paper, html5, css, javascript and arduino.


I've worked on a variety of projects running on devices such as mobile, tablet, computer, tv, small and big multitouch screen, physical interfaces.
The projects focused on education, entertainment, interactive installation, team management and house automation.