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If you aren't taking advantage of the power of video presentations and video marketing as part of your marketing strategy, then you are sabotaging your business? I can say that confidently and without exaggerating because of the following reasons. FACT #1: YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the web and the 3rd most visited site. Location, location, location. What other medium will let you get right in front of where your customers are? FACT #2: Videos increase people's understanding of your product or service by 74%. A confused customer simply will not buy. Help them not be confused. FACT #3: 80% of users remember the videos they watch online and of those 80%, 46% of them take action. Whether that's buying something, clicking on a link back to your website or a sales page or giving you their email address so you can continue to market to them.

Now that's just 3 facts, well 3 and a half, I don't have room for all the facts supporting how video is such a "GameChanger" when used correctly. (pun intended)

So quick re-cap. Video helps to reach your potential customer, it helps your potential customer understand the products and services your provide, which increases the likelihood that they'll buy or at least take action in your favor.

Now why would you ever want that?

All joking aside, this is still an untapped area, especially if you are a local business. There are ways to just slaughter your competition and dominate your market.

If you are interested in hearing how you can take advantage of this opportunity, just get in contact with me. I offer a FREE, No Risk, No Commitment or Obligation Consultation.

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