Elk Grove Village, Illinois, United States

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Web Technolgy, Tools and Trends

he web has been part of my everyday programming life for the last 20+ years.Based on that effort and all of my clients I have accumulated many skills which are used daily.

ABCPDF, ActiveX, ADO/RDO, Ajax, Android, Analysis, Angular, Antenna House XSL Formatter, Application Blocks, Architect, Architecture, ADO.NET, ASP, ASP.NET, ATL, Bootstrap, CDO, CGI, C#, CLR, Common Language Runtime, Cold Fusion, COM/COM+, Commerce Server, Component Art, Components, CSS, DHTML, DNA, Design Patterns, DOM, E-Commerce, E-Commerce Concepts, E-Commerce Implementation, FOP, FrontPage, HTML, HTML5, IE, IIS, Infragistics, Index Server, Internet, Internet Concepts, Internet Technology Fundamentals, Intranet, JQuery, Java, JavaScript, Linkbot, MS Interdev, MTS, MVC, N-Tier, .NET, .NET Framework, Netscape, Object Models, OCX, OOA/OOD, Project Management, RadControls, Component Art, Requirements, Responsive Design, Sax API, Scripting, Site Server, Soap, Specifications, SSL/Security, Style Sheets, Test Plans/Suites, VB.NET, VBScript, Visual Basic, Visual SourceSafe, Visual Studio, WCF, Web Architect, Web Content Development, Web Design, Web Design Concepts, Web Developer Client-Side, Web Developer Server-Side, Web Development, Web Development Concepts, Web API, Web Page Design, Web Porting, Web Programmer, Web Publishing, Web Server, Web Services, Webtrends, Xamarin, XML, XML Spy, XPATH, XSL, Xtranet

$40 / Hour
$250 minimum budget