eNetwizard, Inc

Silicon Valley, California, United States

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Website Development

We deliver high-quality, professional-grade, fully-customized website development services. Whether you are bringing a brand new idea to fruition or need assistance upgrading or adding features to an existing website, we provide unmatched value to our clients in every aspect of the process.

While there are an almost infinite number of ways to go about building websites in today's market, the vast majority will be written in PHP, JavaScript, Node.js, and the libraries and tools related to these languages and platforms. We have deep experience in all of these and more.

Many websites will require access to a database, commonly provided by MySQL. Often, it may be necessary to crowd source data, scrape data from other places, access data via APIs, and importantly, protect your own data from these methods.

Some other common attributes to our work include authentication and security services, detecting and dealing with both good and bad bots, providing meaningful analytics, and administrative features.

+ We use SafePay Escrow for all of our services, ensuring our clients have the peace of mind that we'll not only deliver on our promises to them but do so to their complete satisfaction. We'll often take a milestones-based approach to our website development services.

+ We always maintain an open line of communication with our clients, both during the development process and afterward. We're available to clients at any time of day, any day of the year. We provide technology to connect with us in a variety of different ways and we strive to provide both excellent communication and complete customer satisfaction.

+ We offer our customers a number of free services long after the job is complete. We provide technical support, long-term access to project archives, and a guarantee to proactively correct any bugs or problems that may arise from future browsers and technologies.

$39 / Hour
$1,500 minimum budget

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